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What is Wakanabi α?


The Tokyo Youth Comprehensive Consultation Center “Wakanabi α” is a free consultation service for youths 18 years and older residing in Tokyo. We provide in-person consultations in various languages through interpreters. We will refer you to appropriate resources based on your request. Consultations are by appointment only. You can make an appointment by email using the form below.


Consultation Days

1st and 3rd Mondays


Before sending your consultation request

We do not reply to requests for medical advice such as diagnosing or treating illnesses or giving opinions on any medical treatment you are receiving.

  • Our office will reply to your request for consultation within 5 days (excluding Sundays and New Year holidays). We cannot accept urgent requests/emergencies.
  • We assume no responsibility or liability for how you use or act in response to the information obtained from our consultation or the outcome of your actions.
  • By agreeing to “Before sending your consultation request,” you consent to the content in the “Terms of Use.” Please read the “Terms of Use” carefully before using our website.
  • Personal information that you enter and send is protected by SSL, a security system that ensures that your information is encrypted. Registration information such as gender and age will be used only for the purpose of providing you support. Please make sure your information is accurate so that we can best assist you. Your registration information and any other information about you obtained by the Tokyo Youth Comprehensive Consultation Center will be handled pursuant to the “Personal Information (Privacy Policy)” set forth by the “Tokyo Youth Comprehensive Consultation Center.”



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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government consultation project is managed by a social welfare corporation or a welfare society commissioned by the Tokyo metropolitan government.